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Air Conditioning Installation in Gold Coast & Brisbane

No one wants to be stuck in the sweltering Australian heat of places like Brisbane and Gold Coast. Once upon a time, there was little one could do to escape the overwhelming grip of the sun’s unforgiving rays, but today, modern technology has presented us with the beauty and refreshing qualities that come with air conditioners!

In places like Gold Coast and Brisbane, you don’t want to go without the cool and comfortable feel of having an air conditioner in your home, commercial building, or other place. Leave the heat outside where it belongs, and transform your building into a refreshing oasis of cool air and relaxing comfort!

To bring the cool qualities of an air conditioner to any space in either Brisbane or Gold Cost that doesn’t already have it, or if you are looking to replace or supplement an existing air conditioner with a new air conditioning installation in Brisbane or Gold Coast, then we are here to help!

At Switch Press Electrical, we can help you to bring the cold oasis of air conditioning installation in Gold Coast and Brisbane to any building that you are looking to cool down and protect from the Australian heat. We are specialists in aircon installation in Brisbane and Gold Coast, so when you give us a call, you can trust that you are in good hands!

Why Switch Press?

At Switch Press, we have all the expertise and knowledge to back our air conditioning installations. We have installed countless air conditioners and have done a lot of other work on them to keep those air conditioners in good health and to last for many years to come. We understand the importance of air conditioners, not only for keeping your home or building and its inhabitants comfortable and cool, but also to protect your building from mould and mildew as a result of moisture.

That’s why, when you get in touch with us in search of someone able to complete your air conditioning installation for you, we make sure to work with your schedule to get to your building as quickly as possible and get you set up with the right air conditioning unit for your home or commercial building. We always go the extra mile to make sure that we complete your project in a timely manner, at a time that conveniently suits your schedule, and with minimal inconvenience to you in terms of taking up space in your home.

We use the most up-to-date tools, methods, and knowledge to ensure that we complete your air conditioning installation properly and efficiently the first time around, giving it the best chance of serving a long lifetime in your home and keeping you and the other inhabitants of your building cool and comfortable for years to come.

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Are you ready to get started on the process of getting your new air conditioning unit installed in your home? From ducted air conditioning installation to any air conditioning service that you could possibly need, we are the company for you!

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"When the summer heat came, I bit the bullet and decided to get ducted air-conditioning put through the house. I had an idea of what I wanted, and the team at Switch Press gave me some great recommendations with a house plan on how to best zone it. We were already living in the house with a young baby and the team did an outstanding job at not only minimising the impact of dust through the house, but did a clean up as well. All above and beyond our expectations."
Steve Allen - Local Realtor

Etesian Harbour Quays Testimonial

Etesian Harbour Quays Testimonial
"What a great job Matt is doing. He came to the job late to pick up the pieces and nothing seemed to be too much for him. I've been in the construction business for 12 years and I think this is the first time I've ever said that someone is doing a good job".
Clayton Adams

Stephanie Behrendorff Testimonial

Matt was the best & put all the cables in that the Foxtel & Bigpond guys ran a mile from. Very pleasant & solution focused electrician. Can highly recommend him!
Stephanie Behrendorff