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When it comes to discreet air conditioning solutions that provide cooling throughout the entire property, there’s a reason many business and homeowners choose ducted air conditioning. At Switch Press Electrical, we provide services for ducted air conditioning in Brisbane and Gold Coast for commercial and residential properties. To integrate a ducted air conditioning system into your property, and to stay cool while maintaining the sleek look of your business or home, call us today.

Improving Your Home and Property

Ducted air conditioning is a popular solution for many businesses and homes. Rather than cool a property with a large and conspicuous appliance, a ducted air conditioning system provides cool air through ducts that run in the walls and ceilings of a property. A wall thermometer allows for total control of the ducted air conditioning system.

Many businesses and homes integrate ducted air conditioning into their properties because these systems are discrete. The only noticeable components of the ducted system are the vents that the cool air comes out of and the thermometer that controls the temperature. It’s a visually pleasing alternative to clunky appliances that block windows and draw unwanted attention.

At Switch Press Electrical, our master electricians are experienced and knowledgeable about the proper installation, maintenance, and repair of ducted air conditioning systems. We’ll work with you to make sure that a ducted air conditioning is right for your property. Our services go above and beyond general electrical work - we can install the ducted system for you and help you maintain and clean the system for fresh, cool air all year round.

Our Ducted Air Conditioning Services

When you need ducted air conditioning in Gold Coast or Brisbane, there’s only one place you need to call: Switch Press Electrical. Our expert electricians are trained in the safe installation, maintenance, and repair of numerous types of ducted air conditioning systems.

Our electricians will consult with you to make sure that a ducted air system is what you need for your property. The consultation will include assessment of the property size, current systems, your cooling needs, and budget. When you decide that a ducted air conditioning system is the cooling solution you need, our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians will get to work on installation.

Our electricians are kept constantly up to date on the safe installation and maintenance of ducted air systems. With their experience and expertise, your ducted air system will be installed in the most efficient and quickest manner possible. Your business or home won’t have to be impacted by months of work—your time and convenience are our utmost concern.

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At Switch Press Electrical, we are your leading source for electrical solutions. For ducted air conditioning in Brisbane prices are reasonable, and our services are speedy. We work with you to find ducted air solutions that meet your budget and property size needs. For more information or to get started on a ducted air conditioning system for your business or home, call today at 1300 821 827 or message us at . We’ll be happy to speak with you about ducted air conditioning and how it can solve your air conditioning needs.

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"When the summer heat came, I bit the bullet and decided to get ducted air-conditioning put through the house. I had an idea of what I wanted, and the team at Switch Press gave me some great recommendations with a house plan on how to best zone it. We were already living in the house with a young baby and the team did an outstanding job at not only minimising the impact of dust through the house, but did a clean up as well. All above and beyond our expectations."
Steve Allen - Local Realtor

Etesian Harbour Quays Testimonial

Etesian Harbour Quays Testimonial
"What a great job Matt is doing. He came to the job late to pick up the pieces and nothing seemed to be too much for him. I've been in the construction business for 12 years and I think this is the first time I've ever said that someone is doing a good job".
Clayton Adams

Stephanie Behrendorff Testimonial

Matt was the best & put all the cables in that the Foxtel & Bigpond guys ran a mile from. Very pleasant & solution focused electrician. Can highly recommend him!
Stephanie Behrendorff