Energy Efficiency


An LED light will pay for itself many times over.

LED Savings Calculator

Switch Press can upgrade your home or business from your existing lighting to LED energy saving lighting saving you up to 80% on your current lighting energy costs.

The price of LED lighting in the last 18 months has on average more than halved making it more affordable than ever to take advantage of the large range of LED products available.

Consider for a moment that these products have a life expectancy exceeding 10 years in a domestic environment and we as consumers need to change our thinking about lighting to the extent that LED bulbs are now a long term investment that will slash your electricity bill and maintenance costs.

Why choose LED lighting?

  • Cut the cost of high energy bills
  • Many years of light with no maintenance
  • Average life expectancy of around 50 000 hours
  • Lasts up to 20 times longer than halogen lights
  • Run 4 LED down lights to 1 halogen downlight
  • Runs at a low temperature meaning no chance of starting a fire
  • Can be installed and into most existing fittings
  • Range includes
    • LED Downlights
    • LED Screw and Bayonet bulbs
    • LED Spot lights
    • LED Security lights
    • LED High bays
    • LED Flood lights
    • LED Strip lights


Understand and control your energy consumption online and in real-time. Better still, you can check your energy data anywhere, anytime!

Want to know why your electricity bill is so high?
Want to know what is costing you the most?
Want to know how to combat the increasing electricity costs?

Get a Wireless Energy Meter installed to your home or business today! We offer smarter energy solutions to help reduce the costs of the continuously increasing costs of electricity.

With a large range of efficient products available at a more affordable price than ever, you could be saving more than you realise.

Hot water systems and swimming pool tariffs also help drastically reduce the costs of your electricity.

Our expert advice will slash the price off your energy bills.

LED Savings Calculator

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